MR2 Only Magazine Calendar 2024

MR2 Only Magazine Calendar 2024


Issue 5 is once again packed cover to cover with something for all MR2 enthusiasts, whether AW11, SW20, or ZZW20. Our over car is an absolute stunner, we have followed this guy on Instagram for some time, and was top of our dream feature list. Inspired by the 90s JGTC race series this MR2 is nothing short of a work of art from whichever angle you take in its splendour. This MR2 would’nt look out of place on the race Circuit grid. What’s more impressive is that pretty much the entire car was hand-built by Albert himself.

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MR2 Only Magazine 2024 Printed Calendar

A4 sized (210mm x 297mm) Wiro bound with 2 pages per month.

Featuring AW11, SW20, ZZW30 models from around the world.

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84 pages