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In issue 1…

Our leading cover cars are Nathan Freke’s 900bhp Drag Strip Slayer, currently the World’s Fastest MR2, crossing the famous Santa Pod gantry in a missile speed 8.71s @162mph.

We also feature the late Luke Bliss’s stunning 2GR-FE 3.5l. After Luke sadly passed away, his brother and friends completed the build of Luke’s car to his exacting requirements found in his notebook, a car he never had the chance to build as he was so busy with customer’s MR2s. A fantastic story.

John Toh’s Marlboro Retro Racer, Inspired to build a track/race car? the level of attention to detail on this HKS 2.2L Stroker widebody is an inspiration.

TOYONDA – K-Swap Lover? – Armandito Racing III – Armando Morales shares the story go his 400hp Honda powered MR2

Dream Project – 2ZZ Turbo. Jason Bonoan’s turbo charged 2ZZ. Simply stunning.

10 years on we return to Russ Turnbull, and feature his amazing Supercharged 3.5L 2GR.

Stanced 2 Perfection, Patrick Langenkamp’s wide body needs no introduction the images speak for themselves. Just awesome.

Double Trouble – Kenny and Simon Williams show off their 2 4th gen 3SGTE swapped AW11 Mk1.5’s.

Close Enough Racing – Justin Gaujenieks track monster turbocharged 2ZZ, and his plans for the next Time Attack Series

Once in a lifetime MR2 – Georgia and Matt Gresham’s AW11, an MR2 that’s part of the family.

THE GULF… Dave Purdue’s turbo charged 1ZZ with rare Damd kit and distinctive Gulf livery.

An MR2 Story… Scott Barton, IMOC and MR2DC Director tells his story of long MR2 ownership, and friendships.

Blast from the past… We catch up with Vix and Phil Cutler and Humphrey, with the trial and tribulations of a Toyota Sprint Series competitor.

History repeating itself.. the story of my very own Revision 3 Turbo, and its 4 year restoration story.

A love for restoring lost causes… Graeme Notley extensive Mk1 Supercharger restoration.

The Zircon Evolution – 12 Years on – Rob Butcher shares his story of the ups and downs of MR2 ownership

PLUS, all of your favourite MR2 specialists and the parts and services they offer.


In issue 2…

DRESSED 2 THRILL – One of MR2 Club Thailands finest style SW20’s Ohm Yver’s JGTC MOBIL1 NSX inspired custom wide body SW20 Turbo

LUKE BLISS MEMORIAL MEET – Annual meet at Drift Limits, a chance to take a look at Luke Bliss’s MR2 we featured in issue 1 and meet with his family, friends and past customers

**COVER CAR FEATURE** SHOW STOPPER – ‘THE MISTRESS’ a truly one of a kind, multi award winning, uniquely styled and highly tuned 600bhp SW20 created by Falcon of Falcon Creations Motorsports

JDM LEGEND OF THE PHOENIX – Richard Lee aimed to bring back a JDM legend that is faithful to the original Phoenix’s Power demo cars and part of the SW20’s extensive history. I think we can all agree that he has achieved this flawlessly.

THE MAKING OF A MONSTER – K-SWAP – Our 2nd featured K-Swap and the The first part of a build series
from Ryan at RMS Fabrications with huge plans to build the fastest H Pattern MR2. An interesting build to follow!

RAGS 2 RICHES – Brock Moulds recreated his ‘dream car’ a completely transformed and stunning SW20 Turbo

SHOW & STANCE – ‘Stanced to Perfection’ another show stunner, Christopher Chand’s inspiring white turbo, an MR2 all about show, but with just as much GO.

APEX ATTACK – 2GR 309whp ‘Apex Attack SW20 owned by Mike Reed. Track focussed machine with a nod to the JGTC Time attack cars in its eye-catching Castrol livery

THE TOYOTA THAT NEVER WAS’, The legendary and mythically yet fundamentally flawed and ill fated 222D Group B rally car.

ABSOLUTE WEAPON – Australian Brian Poh’s absolute animal 450bhp ZZW230 Spyder a true super car slayer.
BURRITO BANDIT & MEAN GREEN2 awesome Gen 5 3SGTE powered AW11s built from zero to hero by Edgar Pineda,

CALIFORNIA STYLE – Thomas Zhuang focussed on styling to create his unique street car Spyder with attitude.

MR2 CHAMPIONSHIP COVERAGE – We follow the first few rounds of the championship, Snetterton, and Silverstone, UK – Great to see 40 plus MR2s back on the grid for the beginning of the race season
PLUS, all of your favourite MR2 specialists and the parts and services they offer.


In issue 3…

SARD MC8 – Exclusive interview – We track down the owner of this mythical beast the ‘Unicorn’ MR2, the only one of its kind in existence, homologation model for the 90s Race MC8R

John Santos – 91 Gen 4 Swap Turbo, right up there as one of our favourite SW20s! – just so clean, stance with amazing attention to detail

TRACK ATTACK – Aaron King created his dream build, the GT300 car he knew the ZZW30 could be with a turbo charged 2ZZ and custom aerodynamics

ROLLER COASTER MR2 OWNERSHIP – Scott Bertrand’s 10 year emotional roller coaster ride of MR2 ownership, you’d better hold on tight!

RESPIRE – Lorenzo’s extreme ZZW30 K-Swap with bad ass APR Performance Wide body kit

LOVE THE STANCE – Michael Lee’s super smooth AW11 is proof that sometimes simplicity is just perfection.

RAT2 MOTORSPORTS – This twin turbo 2GR V6 engine swap really is a work of art! – the first in a 2 part feature planned for 2021 to follow this exciting build.

FRANK SCHMIDT’S MR2 COLLECTION – How many MR2s is too many? 31 MR2s, possibly the largest single private collection?! Frank shows off his enviable collection of MR2s including some very rare models.

HIS & HERS – 3rd issue running we have an His & Hers feature – Husband and wife duo Matt and Jo share a great love and passion for their mid-ship runabouts both AW11 and ZZW30

BUILDING MY DREAM MR2 – Automotive refinished Aidan Brennan’s custom cherry black pearl beauty – JDM SW20 Turbo, wow, that colour!

MONSTER K-SWAP – We catch up with Ryan (RMS Fabrications) and the Higher Standard built K-Swap MR2 build

MEETING OF THE SUPER EDITIONS – Kevin Kovac tells us the story of the meeting of two very rare beasts in Austin, two AW11 Super Edition Super Chargers.

MISTAKE OR BLESSINGDean Whittakers 3VZFE V6 with a conquest for MR2 weight loss

READERS RIDES – Several of your MR2s and short stories

MR2 CHAMPIONSHIP REPORT ROUND UP, the last of the series reports from 2020, can’t wait for the start of 2021 race season!


In issue 4…

TRD2000GT – No.8 is no stranger to many UK MR2 owners, having been owned by a couple of long term and well known MR2 enthusiasts. New owner David Biagoni has sympathetically restored this authentic No8 wide-body to its former glory.

SONIC SHADOW REBOOT – Kevin Underdown had unfinished business with the SW20, marking a milestone birthday with the purchase of a sonic shadow, mid-life crisis maybe? his story of nuts, bolts and welds captures the sentiment of an epic DIY restoration and his journey through the 2021 UK show season.

2ZZ SPRINT SERIES ROADSTER – Aaron Laverty fulfils a childhood dream building a track focussed ZZW30 and competing in the Javelin Toyota Sprint Series.

PURE BLITZ – Gerard’s super clean 93 turbo is for sure a head turner – testament that wheels maketh the car, no extreme styling here, just a set of iconic blitz o3’s, perfect blend of stance & subtle body styling that complement the slick & timeless lines of the sw20.

POWERED BY BEAMS – We’ve always wondered just how driveable the Mk1.5 (3SGTE) swap is, or can the AW11 chassis’s sweet spot be actually found with a 200bhp high revving normal aspirated lump. Leighton Davies confirms this with his red top BEAMS swap, Toyota’s power-plant that is nothing short of a work of art.

HOOPTIE X DIRT RACER DEUCE – David Hubbard’s crazy 300bhp 2GR uplifted SW20 is a bit of a handful but a lot of fun throwing huge rooster tails as it blasts across the sand dunes.



This years highlight for Team MR2 Only this was the annual UK MR2 Drivers Club National Day. Having been postponed last year, the event, largest of its kind in recent years attracted over 430 Toyotas. We attended with our first trade stand in over 10 years with a guest line-up of featured MR2s on show which attracted lots of attention. Great to see so many owners back out, proudly displaying their MR2s, enjoying chatting with like-minded enthusiasts. Heart warming to be back and have so many positive chats and feedback about the return of MR2 Only Magazine.


Over the pond in Dallas, Texas we looked on enviously, as their triple threat event got underway, 3 days of pure MR2 indulgence, dyno day, drag strip event, and track day looked awesome, full coverage in this issue.


We last featured Bear Mountain 2009, (old issue 19), it’s great to see the North East MR2 community enjoying this event that has become a tradition enjoying great attendance, The event was started over two decades by Joe Pearlstein who sadly passed away.


Our first visit to Santa Pod in 10 years, for our fix of adrenaline fuelled quarter mile fun.

READERS RIDES – Several of your MR2s and short stories